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Create a unified industrial market under the new development pattern
——Wang Baitong, China Textile City

2023-05-24 09:49:08


China Textile City is the largest textile distribution center in the world, connecting upstream weaving, printing and dyeing enterprises, and the logistics, exhibition, fashion creativity, fabric research and development, cross-border e-commerce, fabric testing and other supporting industries are mature, with sales network throughout 192 countries and regions. It has established production and marketing relations with nearly 1/2 Chinese textile enterprises, and about 1/4 fabric transaction worldwide is concluded in China Textile City. It has the unique advantages of rich categories, convenient procurement, fine service, high quality environment, perfect policies and cutting-edge development. 

In order to create a professional block with faster access to the latest textile raw materials and provide technical and product support for fabric R & D and design, China Textile City Group hopes to make joint efforts with the majority of textile enterprises to promote the collaborative innovation of the whole industry chain and continue to inject new development vitality into China's textile industry.

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