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Application of lyocell in denim
——Zhong Zhangwei, Prosperity Textile Co., Ltd

2023-05-24 09:48:15


In the first part, Mr. Zhong introduces the classic denim and changes in the denim market demand in the new era. Denim has always kept up with the times in its over 100-year development history. The current market requires denim to be lighter and softer, while still being classic and retro and adapting to more scenarios.

In the second part, Mr. Zhong discusses the denim fabric development trend and the difference brought by lyocell fiber to denim fabric. The lightness and heaviness, coarseness and fineness, and the depth and lightness of color in denim require research and development according to different seasonal demands. The excellent performance of lyocell fabric and its applicability to various washing effects and rich contrast in depth and shade make cotton and lyocell a widely applicable prospect in denim.

In the third part, Mr. Zhong introduces the new series and breakthrough in research and development of Prosperity Textile Co., Ltd. 100% lyocell denim is the foundation of lyocell application in denim. Compared with traditional denim, it is smoother, more luxurious, softer, more comfortable, drapes more elegantly and is more graceful. The matte lyocell denim has a 20% reduction in gloss compared to conventional lyocell fabric. The new retro denim blends nostalgic, vintage elements with cutting-edge technology, using cotton and lyocell blends to highlight fine texture in a rough style that is relevant to the times. The air cushion cotton denim is light and fluffy, with a unique fluffy rebound feeling resulting from the blend of cotton and lyocell. The sponge denim innovatively uses lyocell fiber's fibrillation to preserve a soft touch. In addition, instant cooling denim takes advantage of lyocell's smoothness to create a cooling sensation upon contact. Different fibers are layered to achieve moisture absorption and transmission. Mr. Zhong also introduces the new chapter in denim manufacturing: cold transfer printing denim, which eliminates the need for subsequent washing processes for the lightweight and thin lyocell denim.

In the fourth part, Mr. Zhong expresses his vision for the future application of lyocell. Companies need to make consumers see the value behind blue; denim products with environmental concepts are expected to increase significantly, so lyocell needs to be more environmentally friendly while also ensuring cost-effectiveness; and for companies, it is important to tell the story of denim and lyocell well.

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