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Printing and dyeing-key of lyocell development
——Wang Aiyi, ZhejiangYuexinDyeing & Printing Co., Ltd.

2023-05-24 09:47:27


First, Wang introduced the development and main products of Zhejiang Yuexin. The company mainly produces various types of woven fabrics and has obtained various certifications.


Next, he introduced the structural characteristics of Lyocell fibers and the impact of fibrillation control on product quality. G100 possess fibrillation characteristics, while A100 yarn has a certain silk-like feel. Currently, 60S and 80S counts fine yarns are widely used in clothing fabrics. The fibrillation of fibers is not only a style requirement but also difficult to control accurately during production. Zhejiang Yuexin has adopted digital analysis and control to achieve good results. Based on the company's processing experience, comparisons were given for strength and other indicators. Considering practicality and cost-effectiveness, open width dyeing and rope dyeing, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages, were introduced.

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