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Development and application of lyocell fiber in the field of home textile
——Shen Shoubing, Mercury Home Textile

2023-05-24 09:29:31


Home textile, clothing, and industrial textiles are the three major market application areas, with home textiles developing relatively late but at a faster pace. Among them, bedding products account for half of the home textile industry's scale. According to incomplete statistics, China's domestic and foreign sales of bedding products have a market size of about 400 billion yuan, of which the consumption of the domestic market is about 320 billion yuan. 

The innovation and trends of home textile products include functionality, ecological sustainability, and fashionability. For example, the development of antibacterial products, the use of new fibers, and the design of color and patterns. In order to meet the requirements of consumers for safety, comfort, softness, and skin-friendliness, the proportion of Class A and even infant and toddler-grade products is increasing, and adjustments are made through fiber and processing technology. China's bedding fabrics and fillers consume about 7 million tons of fiber, mainly cotton and polyester, which together account for more than 80% of the total. The remaining 20% is mainly cellulose fibers. According to the research data from the China National Textile Association, in perspective of proportion of the regenerated cellulose fibers, the samples with proportion of 10%-30% accounts for the highest, reaching 38%. Among them, the proportion of Lyocell fibers below 10% accounts for the highest, reaching 50%. The standard Lyocell is the main specification, and domestic and imported products are basically the same. The main reasons affecting the application of Lyocell fibers in home textiles are the characteristics of the fibers themselves (spinnability, pilling, shrinkage, wet strength, etc.) and price issues, with downstream companies paying more attention to cost control from fibers to yarns and fabrics.

Mercury Home Textile has cooperated with Lenzing and domestic companies. Lyocell's most important application is in the spring and summer four-piece sets, and there are also a small number of autumn and winter products through light brushing. Other products include duvet cores, pillow cores, cool mats, blankets, towels, etc., mainly utilizing its comfort and skin-friendly properties.

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