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Sateri lyocell development process and prospects
——Sherry Li, Sateri Group

2023-05-24 09:24:19


Her report is divided into three parts:

Firstly, Ms. Li provided an overview of the development and application value of lyocell market. Among the global fiber supply and demand, cellulose fibers have seen larger growth. Currently, the capacity of lyocell is in a state of rapid expansion in the world and in China. Demand for lyocell is going to be released continuously. As a non-cotton fiber, lyocell has tremendous potential for development, particularly when combined with cotton to enhance textile performance, reduce costs in weaving and dyeing of cotton-Lyocell fabrics, and is applicable in a variety of categories such as knitting, weaving, sweaters, denim, and home textiles. In addition, there are more opportunities for lyocell development in downstream market, including sweater applications, long-fiber combinations, warp knitting, and industrial uses.


Secondly, she explored the challenges and future development opportunities facing the lyocell industry, primarily in fiber, yarn, dyeing and printing processes, and branding. There is a lack of standards for fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finished products specific for lyocell. The industry lacks incentives for innovation, and consumers lack understanding of the unique qualities of lyocell. To improve the market competitiveness of lyocell, fast supply chain capabilities need to be improved, leading fabric manufacturers should drive development, and competitive finished products should be produced. In the branding market, the focus should be on telling the lyocell story, educating the market, and developing partnerships with industry players.


Thirdly, Ms. Li introduced Sateri's lyocell. Sateri has an extensive presence throughout the country and aims to expand its output further. Sateri lyocell utilizes an alkaline pulping process that is more environmentally friendly and efficient compared to traditional acidic pulping. The company is committed to using green energy, reducing carbon emissions, and adhering to sustainable development goals. Moreover, Sateri's non-fibrillated lyocell utilizes unique proprietary technology, which enables high proportions of lyocell to be used without producing fibrillation in specific environments, resulting in a smoother fabric appearance.

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