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Innovative applications and future trends of lyocell in casual fabrics
——Qian Longjie, Mizuda Group Co., Ltd

2024-04-24 09:26:08

Qian Longjie, Mizuda Group Co., Ltd delivers his report Innovative applications and future trends of lyocell in casual fabrics.


The first part introduced the basic overview of Mizuda Group. The company's design philosophy focuses on circulation, emphasizing green, fashion-forward, lightweight sports, and outdoor product styles. The goal is to maintain sustained high-quality to create product power and improve services through digital transformation, with a focus on consumer needs and interactive-centered enhancements. Mizuda Group aims to establish intelligent new factories and enhance service platforms to create a future factory through intelligent design, production, and marketing, achieving automation, informatization, and digital transformation to foster innovation in their products.

In the second part, Mr. Qian introduced printing and dyeing technology and differentiated products. By blending Lyocell fibers and other fibers, products gain multiple advantages, including enhanced comfort, softness, breathability, moisture absorption, and wrinkle resistance. This approach also widens downstream applications and improves economic benefits along the supply chain.

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