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Anti-fibrillationsolutionsfor lyocell knitted fabrics
——Yang Zhizhuo, Guangdong Dymatic Chemical Co., Ltd

2024-04-24 08:09:56

Yang Zhizhuo, Guangdong Dymatic Chemical Co., Ltd delivers his report Anti-fibrillationsolutionsfor lyocell knitted fabrics.


The first part briefly introduced the situation of Dymatic Chemical, followed by a detailed explanation of the characteristics of Lyocell fiber and the phenomenon of fiberization. Lyocell fiber combines the excellent properties of natural and synthetic fibers, such as natural luster, high strength, soft touch, breathability, moisture permeability, and environmental friendliness. However, Lyocell fabrics are prone to whitening and pilling during dyeing and home washing processes, which is closely related to the core-sheath structure of Lyocell fiber.

In the second part, he specifically introduces the anti-fiberization solution for Lyocell knitted fabrics. Different products have different processes, including 100% Lyocell knitted fabric, Lyocell/cotton/spandex knitted fabric, Lyocell/polyester knitted fabric, Lyocell/nylon knitted fabric, and Lyocell/polyester knitted fabric. These anti-fiberization processes do not change the dyeing process, are easy to operate, and have minimal impact on dye coloration. Among them, the anti-fiberization process for Lyocell/nylon knitted fabric prevents reactive dyes from staining nylon.

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