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Sustainable chemistry as the invisible enabler for the Lyocell process
——William Wang, Kemira

2024-04-24 08:09:23

William Wang from Kemira delivers his report Sustainable chemistry as the invisible enabler for the Lyocell process.



Firstly, Mr. Wang made an introduction to Kemira. Kemira provides the best-suited products and services to improve customers' product quality, process, and resource efficiency. The focus is on water treatment, renewable solutions, and digital services. Customers include industrial and municipal water treatment operators, and the pulp, paper, and cellulosic textile industry among others.

Then, Mr. Wang introduced the Kemira's unique know-how in cellulose fiber applications. The expertise and know-how in cellulose-based processes and products is built on long experience with the chemical applications in the pulp and paper industry. Mr. Wang also elaborated the global influence of Kemira.

Lastly, Mr. Wang presented an outlook for the development of Kemira. Kemira provides Innovative chemistry supports to the textile industry in its sustainability transformation. Kemira offers chemistry-based solutions, expertise, and services in the cellulose fiber applications. Kemira is to double down resources in China for superior textile offering.

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