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The development and application of lyocellfiber in home textiles
——Gong Huairui, LuoLai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd

2024-04-24 08:07:39

Gong Huairui from LuoLai Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd delivers his report The development and application of lyocellfiber in home textiles.



Firstly, brief introduction to the operation of home textile industry and basic properties of lyocell fiber.  In 2023, the overall situation of the home textile industry is under pressure but improving gradually, with quality and efficiency improving and industry profits increasing. The bedding industry's benefits are stabilizing, actively exploring hot areas, and leading the industry's transformation and upgrading. By 2024, the textile industry as a whole is rebounding, showing significant growth and profit increase. Moreover, there is a noticeable increase in exports, with a significant year-on-year growth in export volume. The highlights include the subsequent transformation to digital intelligence, research and application of new materials, with Lyocell fiber's basic performance including highwet modulus, low shrinkage, good shape retention, good strength, promoting green production, degradability, environmental friendliness, outstanding market advantages, and high cost-effectiveness.

Secondly, technical characteristics of lyocell yarn and diversified applications of lyocell fiber in home textiles. Lyocell yarn is gradually moving towards medium-to-high-count due to its better luster, silky texture, and excellent smooth drape. Lyocell blended yarn endow yarn with differential functions. Product technical features maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. Different fibers can complement each other in fiber performance when blended, which is more conducive to improving the wearing performance of the finished product. The market share of lyocell blended yarn has been increasing in recent years.Diversified applications of lyocell staple fiber in home textiles: suites, home furnishings, core quilts, etc. Products utilizing Lyocell fiber technology feature distinct technical characteristics and are suitable for all seasons.LuoLailyocell products are widely used, with a focus on the spring and summer four-piece sets as the main application. Other products include comforters, pillows, cool mats, blankets, towels, etc., primarily known for their comfortable and skin-friendly properties.

Thirdly, Prospect of lyocell fiber in home textile field.  Lyocell fiber is widely used in summer home textiles, but needs to expand its development and prospects in the autumn and winter fields. It is widely used in pure spinning applications in home textiles and is suitable to develop home textile products blended or woven with cotton to improve the quality of cotton products. The functional development direction of Lyocell fiber mainly focuses on addressing production technology issues of functional lyocell and developing antibacterial, anti-reflective, and flame-retardant Lyocell functional products. Continuous and effective improvement in the quality of lyocell fiber is also emphasized.

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