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Lyocell development prospects
——Sherry Li, Sateri

2024-04-24 08:06:40

Sherry Li from Sateri delivers her report Lyocell development prospects.



Firstly, Ms. Li introduced Sateri Lyocell. Sateri has a wide presence nationwide and will further expand its production capacity. Sateri Lyocell uses an soda pulping process, which is more environment friendly and efficient compared to traditional acid pulping. The factory is committed to using green energy, reducing carbon emissions, and aligning with sustainability goals. In addition, Sateri's non-wood pulp Lyocell uses unique technology that prevents fibrillation in certain specific environments when used in high proportions, maintaining a cleaner fabric appearance.

Secondly, Ms. Li elaborated on the market development and applications of Lyocell. Cellulosic fibers have shown greater growth in the global fiber supply and demand, with both global and Chinese Lyocell production capacities experiencing rapid growth. The demand for Lyocell is expected to continue to rise. As a non-cotton fiber, Lyocell has great development potential. Combining it with cotton enhances fabric performance, and cotton-Lyocell fabrics offer opportunities for cost savings in weaving and dyeing processes. Cotton-Lyocell blends are applicable in various categories such as knits, wovens, sweaters, denim, and home textiles. Additionally, there are more opportunities for downstream development and expansion of Lyocell applications, including sweater, long fiber combinations, warp knitting, and industrial uses.

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