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Round-table discussion: dyeing & finishing of lyocell filber and fabric design exploration
——Zhu Rongping,Chen Zongli,Wang Donghui,Ye Min,Liu Yuqing

2021-05-28 09:27:52


Introduction of the panelists:


Zhu Rongping, executive VP, Black Peony (Group) Co., Ltd


Chen Zongli, president, Xinhuayuan Group


 Wang Donghui, director, Sanyuan Group Jimei Printing & Dyeing


Ye Min, general manager, Hangzhou Zhuoda Textile Dyeing Finishing Co., Ltd


Liu Yuqing, general engineer, Hengfeng Group

Q1: what are the innovations of Lyocell fiber in spinning?

Liu Yuqing, general engineer of Hengfeng Group:"Lyocell fiber has high strength and has great advantages in cellulose fiber. At present, Lyocell fiber is widely used in the production of blended products, and it is widely used in home textile and clothing fields. In addition, new functional products are also being developed, such as antibacterial, antiviral series and so on."

Q2: What are the characteristics of lyocell spinning and the problems encountered?

Chen Zongli, president of Xinhuayuan Group:" Lyocell meets the low-carbon requirements in production, but the threshold for entry is high, which requires a strong enterprise to mass production. At present, downstream does not know much about Lyocell, and it needs a lot of promotion. Lyocell fiber has high requirements for machinery and room temperature in the spinning process, and the stability of the oil used for lyocell fiber is also very important, so it is critical to choose a good supplier.

Q3: The experience and application of lyocell fiber?

Zhu Rongping, executive Vice President of Black Peony (Group) Co., Ltd: he applications of Lyocell are mainly divided into three series: denim, home textile and industrial use. In recent years, the application of lyocell in denim has increased significantly. However, in previous years, denim may be more made of 100% lyocell fiber, but more and more blended are used in recent years. It is difficult to use lyocell fiber in the production process, and it is easy to cause broken ends and many cotton wastes."

Q4: what is the experience of lyocell fiber dyeing?
Ye Min, general manager of Hangzhou Zhuoda Textile Dyeing Finishing Co., Ltd:" Lyocell fibers can be divided into 4 grades, and the performance of different grades is obviously different, which need to be clearly understood before using corresponding methods to deal with it. For Lyocell fiber dyeing, the equipment had better be specially modified. At present, the bottleneck of China domestic Lyocell mainly lies in the stability of fiber quality.”

Q5: what are the new products of Lyocell fiber to promote?

Wang Donghui,  director, of Sanyuan Group Jimei Printing & Dyeing:" The recycled Tencel brand launched by Lenzing Group. We are also trying to produce antibacterial, antiviral and other functional fibers."

Q6: What is the difference of Lyocell Fiber between Lenzing and other China domestic companies?

Ye Min, general manager of Hangzhou Zhuoda Textile Dyeing Finishing Co., Ltd:"  China domestic lyocell fiber is relatively single, and there is no clear grade classification. When producing some relatively demanding fabrics, we can see obvious defects in comparison.

Q7: What are the main factors to consider when selecting upstream and downstream suppliers?

Zhu Rongping, executive Vice President of Black Peony (Group) Co., Ltd: " Stable supply, stable production, and cost-effective."

Liu Yuqing, general engineer of Hengfeng Group:" cost-effective and fast delivery."

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