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Status quo and future development of China's lyocell engineering technology
——Sang Xiangdong, president of Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Group

2021-05-27 08:49:33


The report is divided into 5 parts. First, Mr. Sang introduced Zhengzhou COSCO Group.

Second, he talked about the development history of lyocell fiber. Lyocell fiber is a new material that is environmentally friendly and degradable throughout its life cycle, and is one of the most attractive fibers in the future.

The third part is about the progress of lyocell fiber engineering.

Fourth, problems in China's Lyocell fiber engineering technology: 

   1. The selection range of pulp is limited.

   2. There are many side reactions in the NMMO solvent system.

   3. The efficiency of the dissolving equipment is low.

   4. The spinning efficiency is low.

   5. The amount of sewage treatment Larger.

   6. Higher energy consumption.

   7. Single fiber category.

   8. Fiber market is still in the cultivation period.

   9. Intellectual property rights.

Finally, Mr. Zhnag discussed the future development trend of China's lyocell fiber engineering technology, to optimize various production processes including pulp/pre-mixing, dope preparation, delivery and filtration, fiber molding, and solvent recycling.

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