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Analysis on mismatching lyocell industry cycle
——Kevin Ding, chief analyst of CCFGroup

2021-05-27 08:48:37


For a start, Mr. Kevin said that Lyocell fiber has five advantages: high strength, skin friendly, green degradable, policy encouragement, short supply and high price.

Then he introduced the different stages of industrial development, the production capacity changes of Lyocell fiber and the past of Lyocell fiber market.

Mr. Kevin talked about the paradox of fiber development, pointed out that the competition between fibers must be the competition of the whole value chain, and compared the processing costs of lyocell, cotton and VSF, and the investment costs of lyocell and VSF.

Finally, Mr. Kevin said that in the future, the supply of Lyocell fiber can be expected, and the proportion of Lyocell fiber in cotton textile raw materials may increase from less than 1% to about 15%.

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