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High-quality development suggestions for lyocell industry
——Zhang Zixin, from China Chemical Fibers Association

2021-05-26 16:06:32


Mr. Zhang delivered his report from four aspects.

1.The development of lyocell fiber. He introduced the characteristics of lyocell fiber and compared the producing techniques of lyocell and viscose fiber.

2. The overview of lyocell industry chain. Mr. Zhang introduced the China’s regenerated cellulose fiber industry, the trend of lyocell fiber and the applications of lyocell fiber in textile and apparel and nonwoven fabric. He also pointed out that the application in the fields of mask and dry/wet tissue is noteworthy.

3. Competition pattern and suggestions on the development. He suggested to achieve the high-quality development of lyocell fiber starting from operation, strategy and innovation and obtain advantage in the market competition.

4. The preparation of the establishment of lyocell fiber branch of China Chemical Fiber Association.

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